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Why is informality in governance a constant in most systems of the world?
The essays gathered in „Limits of a Post-Soviet State“ edited by Abel Polese illustrate that the difference between various administrative structures is not whether informality is present or not, but where, in which areas, it is located. Where expectations – of the state, a company, or some commission – are too far from citizens’ existing models of normative behavior, informal behavior continues to thrive.
This volume analyses phenomena manifesting themselves in areas where the state is not always, and in areas where activities are performed in conflict with state regulations.

Abel Polese
Limits of a Post-Soviet State
How Informality Replaces, Renegotiates, and Reshapes Governance in Contemporary Ukraine
258 pages, Paperback. 2016. 34,90
ISBN 978-3-8382-0845-9
Published in: Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

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