Three Litres of Death. Who–s Juliane Uhl from Halle?

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Three Litres of Death. Who–s Juliane Uhl from Halle?

Who–s Juliane Uhl from Halle?

Juliane Uhl Three Litres of Death My life in the crematorium

Juliane Uhl from Köthen studied in Halle / Saale Media Studies. She lives in the small Märker, works at the call center (DB). Neighbors describe them as psychopathic arrogant, manipulative and completely emotionless.
She lends her young cat (Sissi) weeks beaten with the feet and then kicked out.
Her former friend the painter Hornbach: „The Uhl had a bang“. Uhl, with the Handy grown, describes own because she could think of nothing better, after all, with her master–s thesis „From man to man mobile phone“ her dilemma. The book was a flop.

„On behalf of the Education“ (loading) Uhl writes her then probably
2. Dilemma: „Prostitution in online social networks“.
Dafur surfed Uhl months on porn sites? „Likens– body parts and market opportunities?“ Disgust or fun? Was disgust, so die, psychology, not a form of pleasure?
Even your book 2. Was A Flop.
3. Your Selfie finally is the 500th creation of a coworking – Space in Germany (desk on time). The concept existed even then spread in every other city, in the hall there was no need. From Uhl, at the Municipal needs over, were expected to die, 3 rooms with the usual self-promotion via social media FETA the press, as a global step arranged in the next millennium. Also, dieses project was a flop. Today, Heard Uhl s` short sublease of yesteryear to today–s conventional Rent again Papenburg, dm ruthless tycoon from Saxony-Anhalt.

Uhl and your surefire business

Uhl s 4. Self-staging after mobile phones, porn and Office: death.
For advertised on (social platform for project funding) Uhl in white Monaco mega yacht outfit and Stefanie ÖFT Geffarth (visible filled with compassion and charity) in a lying spot to an alleged money-donation to cover future costs of producing approx 5000th The resulting funded 500 Memorial needles should be distributed to survivors of dead children (action point of light).
Even the concept of „action point of light“ was a wholly owned copy.
The action point of light was originally founded in 2007 by Schweinfurth the Working Group „Local Agenda 21“. The sticker (light spot) should get all cities, local, etc. in Schweinfurth, where disabled and auxiliaries and in need of protection would find in emergency aid.
Uhl not swiped totally frank about the whole concept, the word and the design, though the philosophy in the general interest and used it yourself.

The „Fundraising“ fails; Uhl, located in the background (profile picture) entirely in white as „inflated, flying pig“ a caper graduating, only only itself staged reached your Selfie exactly the opposite: to emphasize the credibility of a story by the idealization of one–s own person, makes namely especially one implausible.
Because what the two mean by „compassion“ we learn on their site. There you sell candles, needles and diffuse sadness Klimbim at exorbitant prices, up to a furniture line in North Korea – Style for the well-heeled mourning Professional („Con Vela professional line Sogon“) Anything that makes death and grief as a shopping experience richer. (Normal hourly wage: 120, – + VAT .; and Convela mourning furniture called in technical jargon suddenly only „Special Furniture“;

But a simple information on credit reform Austria proves that a shareholder with a majority stake) of Convela Trade GmbH is a Roland Luschtinetz from Gmunden (Austria) added, „Uhl s` alleged company“ belongs always, solely Roland Luschtinetz from Austria. Uhl is not even mentioned in the register extract GmbH.
On 02.08.2012 Uhl are the MZ an interview. Invites you in „your“ Convela commercial premises „(Halle / S.), Sets their“ business model „before:“ … mourning things that the death back to life is one „before. But according to the register entry Czech Patent Office (tm.kurzy.cs) was registered as a word mark and protected on 25/06/2012 (5 weeks ago) by Roland Lutschtinetz alone „Convela“ (and „Sogon“).
At the time of the interview Uhl therefore belonged to neither the company Convela, nor the name Convela, nor any share of Convela (see Credit Reform Austria). For this XXL Super Selfi Uhl gets the ego -Business award the country–s economy ministry of Saxony-Anhalt, the land of early risers!
Who is Roland Luschtinetz, the owner of Convela?
In contrast to Juliane Uhl (Köthen) Luschtinetz is however a pro: with „MEVISTO Sapphires & Rubies“, artificial rubies and diamonds which he squeezed out corpse hair and bone ash, he distributes „Remembrance Stones“. The artificial gems (up to 20,000 ) sold for 5 times that of a natural gemstone and are practically worthless.
His second company MEVISTO Sapphires & Rubies itself belongs to the top one hundred companies from Monaco, as a partner and sponsor of Grimaldiforum (Luxury Fair Monaco), Rotschild, Polo Club Ascona and so he sold jewelry and precious stones (unit prices up to 5 million euros) to the most exclusive luxury fairs in the world.

Juliane Uhl–s „ambassador“ in the Bundestag!

On 02/12/2014 posing on Dr. Thomas Wolfgang Feist (Member of the Bundestag, CDU link to youtube) in the Bundestag building as an ambassador of the „action point of light“ and asks the user to purchase a mourning nobility in Convela GmbH. Strangely, Feist from Leipzig as Uhl also studied sociology in the same period, according to Facebook, the two have known (via personally. Has Juliane Uhl Dr. Thomas Feist candlelight from your book: „Prostitution in online social networks“ read aloud?
Why can Feist span s cart before Uhl?
Because that project „action point of light“ had the initiator (Uhl) are canceled on 10.29.12 CET, because it was not funded. Feist advertises on 02/12/2014 only for Luschtinetz s` Convela GmbH.
Why advertise a member of the Bundestag for a private firm, pressed their owners from corpse hair diamonds? Is Uhl actually manipulative?
That as a mother with her traditional, self-made marketing Uhl itself will stop at nothing, finally shows
the Youtube- Video: „Three liters of death“ by adding your own child as an unruly cat clutching to keep it accessible publishing in the right image, so that the desired advertising effect in the brain also acts: emotions!
„Grasped“ how „shocked“ and Juliane Uhl is well paid indeed, shows the second video: „My everyday work in the crematorium“. You classified fitted meaningless metaphor to each other and you can feel: the woman goes to the death in reality completely on … over!
So why write a 34 year old a book about death?
Because it was totally simplistic hired just for the cemetery, paid by Flamarium Saalkreis GmbH & Co. KG and is sponsored by the sadness Convela GmbH: Good public relations for higher sales of funeral industry to make. Just Money!

Not: „Rest in peace“ but „rest expensive“.

So why again writes a 34 year old a book about the death?
Your is because Uhl s` PR work to death simply by contract agreed, job: Right. Just Money!
The marketing goal of industry, men should finally invest as far back their assets to their deaths!

Why is Juliane Uhl at Köselverlag by Random House?
And why does Juliane Uhl on the book „Three liters of death“ frequently on public TV?
Juliane Uhl s publisher of Kösel publishing exists only for accounting purposes on the paper. The Kösel publishing house is a 100% branch of the company empire of the Random House Publishing Group.
Random House again one of Germany–s real political power and control center Bertelsmann Gütersloh.
Bertelsmann, under Hitler the leading publisher of Nazi incitement and propaganda with „cremations“ best, traditionally grown experience, finally Bertelsmann authors have until 1945 also himself gassed children, shot or burned and taken over the planning and architecture of internal institutions for non-Aryans.
This distributes the „sociologist“ Uhl your cremation reading just about Bertelsmann is due to the mutual lack of scruples. Bertelsmann (with more than 1,000 media companies) in Europe is the No. 1 media, and directly or indirectly controlled all public issues. Possible that Arvato (Bertelsmann) now have more control and higher revenues in the funeral industry aspires. Because the third-rate reading of the otherwise completely insignificant „sociologist“ Uhl comes from Köhten just right.

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