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„Digital Orthodoxy is an indispensable resource on this fascinating encounter between traditional religiosity and the new media.“
Andrii Krawchuk, University of Sudbury

How does the Web 2.0 change the relationship between Church and believers?
New media fundamentally change various aspects of religious practice and thinking and challenge numerous traditional dogmata of Orthodox theology. Therefore, it is not surprising that Church leaders and public figures have become increasingly skeptical about new media.
The contributions in „Digital Orthodoxy in the Post-Soviet World“ edited by Mikhail Suslov explore several questions from this area of conflict: How is the Orthodox ecclesiology influenced by its new digital environment? What is the role of clerics in the Russian Web 2.0? And how is the specifically Orthodox notion of catholicity being transformed here?

Mikhail Suslov (ed.)
Digital Orthodoxy in the Post-Soviet World
352 Seiten, Paperback. 2016. 39,90
ISBN 978-3-8382-0871-8
Erschienen in: Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

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