SPPS 145: Changing Images of the Left in Bulgaria

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The violent protests that shook Bulgaria in recent years were fueled by a widespread belief that, after 25 years of transition, a new base for the political process is required. In his new study,

Changing Images of the Left in Bulgaria
The Challenge of Post-Communism in the Early 21st Century
ISBN 978-3-8382-0667-7,

Boris Popivanov provides a critical re-assessment of the role of the Bulgarian Socialist Party – arguably, the single most important political entity in Bulgaria–s post-communist history. This timely book skillfully analyzes the current societal and political situation in Bulgaria that threatens the Socialists and argues for a complete reformulation of the concept of the –Bulgarian Left–.

„Is Bulgaria’s Left heading towards decomposition or to a new identity? Popivanov offers an excellent analytical answer.“
Georgi Karasimeonov, Professor of Political Science at Sofia University

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