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“This book represents a very timely, well-informed, and intelligible analysis of the troublesome development of the media system in post-Soviet Ukraine.”
Dr. Václav Štětka, Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, Loughborough University, UK

It is a commonly held opinion that the problems with media reform and press freedom in former Soviet states merely stem from the cultural heritage of their communist (and pre-communist) past. Focusing on Ukraine, Natalya Ryabinska argues that, in the period after the fall of communism, peculiar new obstacles to media independence have arisen: news reporting being concentrated in the hands of politically engaged business tycoons, the fuzzy and contradictory legislation of the media realm, and the informal institutions of political interference in mass media.
The book analyzes interrelationships between politics, the economy, and media in Ukraine, especially their shadowy sides guided by private interests and informal institutions. Being embedded in comparative politics and post-communist media studies, “Ukraine–s Post-Communist Mass Media” helps to understand the nature and workings of the Ukrainian media system situated in-between democracy and authoritarianism.

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Natalya Ryabinska
Ukraine–s Post-Communist Mass Media
Between Capture and Commercialization
186 Seiten, Paperback. 2017. 29,90
ISBN 978-3-8382-1011-7
Erschienen in: Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

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